Build a Fanbase for Your Music (3 Keys to Success)


You want to build a fanbase for your music, right?

I assume you want more fans and followers, and you’d like more people to support your music and message with their time, attention and money.

1) In the first principle, please know I’m not saying that building a fan base is more important than talent, determination, etc.

As I often say, you must hone your craft and strive for excellence.

But the world doesn’t owe you a living simply because you’re talented and passionate.

Making a greater impact (and a living) with your music is primarily influenced by the number of fans and supporters you have.

The stronger those relationships, the greater your success will be.

2) With the second principle, I don’t want you to shy away from being compensated and asking for a sale.

You have every right to confidently promote your stuff.

But if that’s all you do – especially early on – you’ll struggle with attracting fans.

3) I’m not suggesting the pursuit of a music career is “easy-peasy.”

There’s work to be done and lots of energy to be invested. There will be disappointments and setbacks along the way.

But the steps you take to build a fan base are a choice. How you mentally process your activities is also a choice.

You can choose simpler paths that bring you joy, or more challenging paths that are likely to induce frustration.

It’s up to you.


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