Replicated CDs In Cardboard Sleeve


Replicated  Compact Discs in 5″ x 5″ Cardboard Sleeves with Shrink Wrap. Please read important details listed in the Description section below.



Replication is the gold standard for creating compact discs. We’ve listed the most common cardboard sleeve configurations on this page for purchase. If you have a special request or would like to receive a customized quote please visit click the following link and fill out our REPLICATION QUOTE FORM.

Before the replication process gets underway, the client master is painstakingly evaluated for data corruption. Then, a glass master containing relevant data from client supplied master is created. Replication begins when a flawless glass master is assured. The glass master is used to develop a stamper. The stamper, in turn, is loaded into an Injection Molding machine that creates CD/DVD replicates. The quality of CD replication hinges upon the quality of the glass master’s data. Through each successive step, quality and accuracy is consistently monitored to insure each disc is an exact replica or clone of the original. A layer of micro-thin aluminum is applied to the polycarbonate disc. It is then lacquered for additional protection and printed before packaging.


  1. The “per unit” costs are lower than with duplicated discs.
  2. Both offset printing and screen printing are available for replication projects.
  3. We auto assemble discs into jewel cases, digipaks, wallets, amaray cases, or cardboard sleeves.


  1. The standard turn-time can run anywhere from 7-14 business days depending on the customer’s chosen packaging option. Standard duplication turn times are 2-5 business days.
  2. Most facilities have a minimum order requirement of 1,000 units. At CLG Music & Media, we replicate as few as 300 units.

Important Details About Our Replication Process:

  • Replication projects are subject to a potential over/under run of +/- 10%. For example, if you order 1,000 units you could potentially receive up to 1,100 units. You will be charged for the overrun at the same price per unit as the original order quantity.
  • Prices listed above do not include tax or shipping. Customers with tax exempt status must present a resale certificate in order to purchase goods tax-free.
  • All orders are shipped in industry-standard sub and master carton configurations which is not true for most other replicators.
  • All orders include a free UPC Code for each title if necessary.
  • All DVD or CD pricing includes up to 5 color imprint (silkscreen and offset print). The flood coat white makes the fifth color. Most companies charge more for offset if they even offer it. Offset is good for photo type art, process colors (i.e. landscape or a face). Silkscreen is best for spot colors, more vibrant than offset. No film charges for the imprint. Many companies charge a setup charge.
  • The packaging is typically offset print except for the insert/tray card in quantities of a 1,000. All other quantities and other packages are offset, not digital.
  • Our turnaround is very consistent and typically shorter than the competition.
  • Our presses are very new and are German-made. The best in the industry. Having the newest technology results in a flatter disc which increases playability on all players (even suspect players). This also allows for a better print image as well.
  • Some companies pad the freight charges to make up for some of the margin they’re giving up on the net price offered up front. We only charge the exact, preferred-rate freight cost to your destination. It’s best if you can provide a business address because home delivery is almost double the price.
  • We are ISO certified and have all licensing/certifications for CD/DVD and piracy.

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300, 400, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 5,000

Add Insert?

No Insert, 2-Panel, 4-Panel, 6-Panel, 8-Panel


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