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Duplicated CDs in Eco-Wallet


Duplicated (Burned)  Compact Discs in 4-Panel Eco-Wallet with Shrink Wrap.



Duplication is a great choice for those seeking small quantities of CDs in short amount of time. We’ve listed the most common eco-wallet configurations on this page for purchase. If you have a special request or would like to receive a customized quote please connect with us via our HELP DESK.

CD duplication is similar to burning a CD/DVD on your personal computer. A CD/DVD duplicator extracts data from the master disc and writes it to a blank disc. The difference between burning multiple CD/DVD-Rs at a duplication facility and burning one on your computer desktop is that the duplication facility burns hundreds at a time on towers that are linked together. Each tower contains several CD/DVD trays so that many copies can be created simultaneously. After all the data has been written unto the blank CD/DVD-R, the information is verified with the master, and the process is complete.

Advantages of CD/DVD Duplication

  1. Our duplicated CDs are virtually indistinguishable from replicated product.
  2. The standard turn-time is 2-5 business days, even for runs up to 5,000 units.
  3. Digital full color printing is available with no prepress charges.

Disadvantages of CD/DVD Duplication

  1. The “per unit” costs for duplication are higher than with replication discs.
  2. Most duplication facilities are small and are commonly limited to hand assembly of the media into packaging as a result of their low volume runs.

Important Details About Our Duplication Process:

  • Prices listed above do not include tax or shipping. Customers with tax exempt status must present a resale certificate in order to purchase goods tax-free.
  • All orders include a free UPC Code for each title if necessary.
  • All CD duplication pricing includes full color imprint.
  • The packaging is digital print.
  • Customer can supply all files digitally. BUT, if the Master CD contains embedded information (i.e. Artist Name, Song Titles, ISRC Codes, etc.), customer must send a Master Disc to our duplication facility.
  • Our turnaround is consistent and typically shorter than the competition.
  • Some companies pad the freight charges to make up for some of the margin they’re giving up on the net price offered up front. We only charge the exact, preferred-rate freight cost to your destination. It’s best if you can provide a business address because home delivery is almost double the price.

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50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500

1 review for Duplicated CDs in Eco-Wallet

  1. Todd Stevens

    5 Stars to CLG!!! they were easy to work with. The artwork looks incredible! and they were swift in getting the product to us!! XL & Death Before Dishonor will be getting more discs done here!!

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