The Lede: Hangout Hot Seat with Brian Clark

Google Hangouts are an invaluably useful tool.

We’ve made mention of this before.

And if you’ve been listening to the New Rainmaker podcast, then you recently heard Brian and Robert discuss the concept of repurposing content — using the same content in multiple ways.

In this episode of The Lede, Demian and I put the usefulness and versatility of Google Hangouts on display and demonstrate how Hangouts can be used as part of a repurposing strategy.

Here’s how …

The incredible, embeddable Hangout

In less than an hour’s time, we created a piece of content that:

  • Could have been broadcast live to our audience
  • Can now be embedded anywhere, in perpetuity
  • Was fairly easy to convert into a podcast
  • Was turned into text content as a transcript
  • And all of that is on display right here in this post.
  • Oh, and the custom nameplates you see and the sound effects you hear? All built right into Hangouts.

See what I mean? Invaluably useful.

So what’s so interesting about this Hangout?

We are calling this Hangout showcase the “Hangout Hot Seat” … and the first* episode features none other than the Frank Underwood of Copyblogger.

Yes, Brian Clark.

In this episode, Brian answers the following questions:

What does “Media, not marketing” mean?

Is Google-Plus still an essential tool for …read more

Source: Copy Blogger